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̨ʹٷվ Foundation

Since being established in 1981, the ̨ʹٷվ Foundation has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to support the college in its mission of transforming lives through quality education. Some ways this is accomplished include providing academic scholarships to ̨ʹٷվ students, funding institutional grants for innovative initiatives, and leading significant capital campaigns.

Our mission is to support ̨ʹٷվ’s efforts to anticipate and address community needs through relationship cultivation and resource stewardship.

Scholarships and Grants

̨ʹٷվF ScholarshipsThe ̨ʹٷվ Foundation has more than $400,000 in scholarships and aid available annually to assist students in achieving their educational goals. Click the link above to apply!

Making a Difference GrantThe ̨ʹٷվ Foundation offers Making a Difference Grants for projects that enhance teaching and learning and for projects that enhance the cultural, social and economic aspects of ̨ʹٷվ’s mission.

Ways to Give

There are many ways you may invest in the ̨ʹٷվ Foundation. When you give, you enable the college to meet the needs of our students and community now and for years to come. If you are interested in giving but have questions, please contact Lisa Lund, Executive Director for the ̨ʹٷվ Foundation at lisal@montcalm.edu or call989-328-1284.

The ̨ʹٷվ Foundation is a 501C-3. For reference, the ̨ʹٷվ Foundation’s Federal Tax ID Number is: 38-2371295.

Online GivingDonations can be made by credit card to the ̨ʹٷվ Foundation by completing and submitting the ̨ʹٷվ Foundation online donation form.

Click "online giving" above to fill out the donation form.

Check GivingTo make a donation by mail, please make your check payable to the ̨ʹٷվ Foundation and send to ̨ʹٷվ Foundation, 2800 College Dr., Sidney, MI 48885.

Planned GivingPlanned giving, also known as legacy giving, is any major gift made in a lifetime or at death as part of a donor's overall financial and/or estate planning. Planned giving allows donors to support nonprofits with larger gifts than could usually be made from ordinary income.

Gifts of StockWhen making a gift of stock, you can contact ̨ʹٷվF Executive Director Lisa Lund in advance to ensure you have all the information needed for your transaction.

employee Payroll deductions̨ʹٷվ staff and faculty can fill out an online Employee Payroll Deduction form to schedule payroll deductions, making it even easier to contribute to the ̨ʹٷվ Foundation.

Qualified charitable distribution (Qcd)

A qualified charitable contribution (QCD) is a distribution from a Traditional or Roth IRA made directly by the IRA Trustee to a qualified charitable organization when the IRA owner is age 70 1/2 or older. A QCD may satisfy the client's required minimum distribution (RMD) and up to $100,000 of QCD's may be excluded annually from an individual's taxable income. The ̨ʹٷվ Foundation is an eligible organization. Please consult your financial advisor for more information about this type of giving opportunity.

̨ʹٷվF Board of Directors

  • Jane Anderson Beach, President
  • Ransom Leppink, Vice President
  • Josh Gibbs, Treasurer
  • Connie Stewart,Secretary

  • Rich Adgate
  • Bridget Badder
  • Donald Burns
  • Bob Ferrentino
  • Michelle Gibson
  • Andy Hurst
  • Thomas Kohn
  • Kurt Peterson
  • Julie Stafford
  • Mike Williams
Lisa Lund, ̨ʹٷվ Executive Director for the ̨ʹٷվ Foundation